A free hackathon for high school students

The School’s Out Hackathon (SoHacks) is a 24 hour coding event engineered to help students learn how to code. Students can make an app, website, or a piece of hardware with the help of experienced mentors, structured classes, and like-minded peers. This event is FREE, and food is provided.

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  • Entering 9th graders and Exiting 12th graders
  • Teams of 4 or less


As long as it's built at the hackathon and is technological, you're good to go (hopefully uses code)!

How to enter

Go to sohacks.com and click on the register button. Then you will be taken to Eventbrite where you can either sign up as a mentor, student, or volunteer. After you sign up you will be sent media release waivers that you must fill out. Finally, if you are a mentor or volunteer a background check will be sent to you that you must fill out.


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Marina Gavito
Strategic Innovation Director at USAA

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Omar Leonardo Quimbaya
Founder of the CyberDEF Dojo

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Kay Jones
CEO of CodeUp

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Stefanie Young
WordPress Expert at iNNOV8 Place

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Ashley Jones
Operations and Community Manager at Tech Bloc

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Brian Smith
Director Operations Excellence at USAA

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Taking a creative approach to an issue is perhaps one of the key ideas behind a hackathon. Projects should exhibit some degree of creativity in their final product.
  • Problem Solving
    Projects should attempt to solve common problems in our society today. Solutions should be innovative and effective to earn full points in this category.
  • Well Designed
    A well-designed product tends to do well in today’s marketplace, and so the hacks should show some element of good design in them. Whether it is flat or skeuomorphic, a design should be pleasing to the eye.
  • Technical
    Advanced technology is all around us. At hackathons, products should use as many tools as possible to make sure that the product is the best it can be.